5 Helpful Tips for LEAN Users

iEnroll was retired July 31, 2016 and is no longer available for agent use. Going forward, LEAN™ is UnitedHealthcare’s electronic enrollment tool!

Here are some helpful tips to help use LEAN effectively. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Max W. Thomas at max_thomas@uhc.com or phone me at 417-893-9358.  I would also like to encourage you to sign up for a LEAN training. You can view the National Training Calendar on the UnitedHealthcare Distribution Portal.

1. Check out the LEAN training site on the UnitedHealthcare Distribution Portal (UDP)! Please use the training site to practice or test LEAN, so that you do not risk submitting a false application in the live environment. Navigate to the LEAN section of the UDP via Electronic Enrollment tab>MA/MAPD/PDP tab>LEAN Electronic Enrollment. Locate the Training Site link and practice writing IDs (WIDs) near the bottom of the page.

2. Update the LEAN mobile app regularly! We are continuously looking to make LEAN better! Anytime LEAN changes, you will need to update the mobile app to have the newest version. Please remember to update the app regularly and after scheduled outages.

3. Remember that LEAN is offline and online! For the best experience using LEAN, we suggest using the mobile app while offline or online by wifi—due to the occasional instability of cellular connections, we do not recommend using your cellular signal to take an application on the mobile app. If you need to use your cellular signal, please visit the LEAN website.

4. Having a problem getting LEAN to recognize your signature? Make sure that you are hitting “Accept” and that the Signature Date is populating – this is how you will know for certain that LEAN has recognized and saved your signatures!

5. Always double-check to ensure your applications are submitted successfully! You can always navigate to “My Applications” to make sure your application is processed correctly.

·         If an application is “Not Complete”, then it is missing information

·         A “Submitted” application has been successfully completed and sent to UnitedHealthcare.

·         If an application is “Not Submitted”, then it needs to be uploaded. Any application taken offline is pended in your “Action Required” tab for uploading to our servers. Once at home or in the office with a stable Wi-Fi connection, tap the “Refresh” button to sync these applications to the server.

Learn more! Take a minute to listen to our LEAN podcast: Why Use UnitedHealthcare LEAN!