Why Medicare Advantage Specialists?

RELATIONSHIPS – We take great pride in our relationships with agents and carriers. Working together, we are the most innovative and dynamic team in the industry
MARKETING ASSISTANCE – Our marketing campaigns generate a continuous flow of qualified client leads for agents – direct mail, print advertising, the internet, and more. We do it all!
FIELD SERVICES SUPPORT – We know you because we are you. We’ve faced the same challenges. We’ve sold these products. Our staff has decades of experience in insurance marketing and sales.
AGENT TRAINING – We offer ongoing product support, sales meetings, training seminars & webinars, and mentoring programs – to ALL of our agents.
MARKETING SUPPORT – Our staff of experienced marketing professionals stand by to assist you with any and all of your needs: fostering relationships, market analysis, marketing strategies, new product updates, service issues, lead programs, field support, plus so much more!
FREEDOM OF CHOICE – We have never, and will never, hold any of our agents captive. By ensuring our agents are independent, we are able to offer the top contracts with the best commissions available in the industry. It’s a WIN-WIN for us and our producers!
COMMITMENT – Very simply, our commitment is to the success of our agents and the well-being of their clients!

REMEMBER – Even the greatest were once beginners. Let us know what we can do to help!